Get by with a Little Help from My Friends!

It was late.  Very late. Too late. I knew it would be a horrifically zombied-out drive back to school in the morning. Sitting in front of my half-scribbled out notes, I tried in vain to deny the fact that it was really Sunday night, that awful Sunday night that comes right before the dreaded Monday morning, where upon I have to wake at an unruly hour to say goodbye to my hubby! It was going to be a long week…

Thursday afternoon, I sat by my self in an empty group room, pulling out my laptop to start delving into my seemingly mountainous amounts of work. Weakened, was how I felt; drained of all energy, down to the core. I wanted to want to do this work, but I couldn’t find the gusto within me. “Is all this work even going help me pass the tests? Am I really even making progress? I am I even learning … absorbing all of this new information?” and the worst part was the fact that I was alone with such depressive thoughts…

In less than an hour, after texting all of my bestest  friends as quickly as I could, , I did some more internal wining and finally got my computer up, put some good tunes on Pandora, ready to study. I had already half-committed to running over to the Academic Resource Center (ARC) to get a good-ol-stress-revealing-energy-boosting-latte. Ten minutes or so later, Kara, one of my fellow classmates wandered into the room; she was looking to get some work done before meeting up with her group there in a bit. “How have you been?” I prompted, kind of realizing how much I wanted conversation. “Doing good,” she said, “how bout you?” “Oh man, I’m so stressed!” I answered, not wanting to pretend things were good when really I felt like I’d rather throw my computer into a wall then do my homework. We got to chatting a bit, and after a while, Patrick, another fellow classmate wondered in (for the same reason Kara had). After a few minutes, I felt like I had maybe picked up a small dash of ambition, though I still felt like I was dragging; so I decided to go to the ARC to get that latte and finish up some studying before class…

After class, another classmate, Emmy, needed a ride home. So my roommate, Emily, and I swung over to the north side of Athens to drop her off. On the way to drop her off, I mentioned how Sonic was right in that area – oh and BY the way, they also had a new pretzel-dog out on the market. “Wanna go to Sonic and get pretzel dogs????” Emily asked ever so innocently after dropping Emmy off. “YES!!” I readily replied – to an offer I would normally second guess and most likely turn down, I just blurted out an agreeable answer – I could go for a bite of some good old greasy quick n’ easy n’ cheap food -‘twould be my second time getting Sonic ever! (YOLO) We ate it out on the porch both trying to talk some motivation up between us to get something done before our OMM review session.

So what I am getting at here with this rant, I’m not exactly sure if I am depicting well enough in my story. Let me finish it up, so I can get on a soap box here about friendship..

That night Emmy, the friend we had dropped off earlier, came over, a growler of some deliciously dark beer in one hand, and a sack full of books and her computer in the other. Her and Emily had arranged for a viewing session for Grey’s Anatomy’s Season Premier; simultaneously we were all going to tryyyy to do homework…

It was a splendiferous night of laughter, unanimously exaggerated complaints about our homework, some drama (I’ve never watched a full episode of Grey’s – so I’m not totally certain how typical this is, but I think there may have been some tears at one point near the end…) and finally, grand company. Not only were Emmy and Emily there with computers open, trying – at least a little – to get some school things done, but later that night, a really sweet prospective student who ended up getting accepted the very next day) came to spend the night before her interview. By the time she joined our homework party, it was a flurry of activity, all excitatory neurons firing at once! Before I knew it, I had my homework all done and it was time to go to bed. Yes I may have had to stay up until 1AM, but something had happened to completely change my perspective on the homework and on school that night. What I had been missing before, was joy that comes from embracing companionship throughout the tough struggles; I had been convinced that I had to go through the homework and long lists of tasks alone, forgetting the power that comes from just taking a moment to open up and spend a little time with friends. Combine that with some supportive fellow students, and not even medical school seems daunting! Feeling very blessed…

I hope that in life, the power of friendship is not underestimated or undervalued. I read recently (and all my friends are prolly tired of hearing me say it…) that the best thing a man can do to enhance his own longevity is get married, and the best thing a woman can do is stay close with her friends. It’s so true that friendship is so important!


“Wars are not fought by single soldiers. Armies are sent to win the victory. So you, too, must call on you army of helpers, both heavenly and earthly, to come to your aid”- A Gentle Spirit, Devotions for Women

No matter how thick the stresses or difficult the tasks – it’s so easy to forget but wonderful to remember, I get by with a little help from my friends.

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