It’s Finally Happening…

It’s one of those wake-up-at 5am-Mondays to get my hubby out the door, on the road, to get to work, and now I can’t go back to sleep days. PERFECT! I says to myself… I’ll blog! see this blog has been on my to-do list for a litttttle bit of a long while now…

So I get up, I’m starving (per usual) therefore make myself breakfast, crack open that bible to get myself one meager chapter further in my endlessly long journey towards reading the bible all the way through, get lost in one of those stories about some king of Israel who did terrible evil things in the eyes of the Lord, but still the Lord helped him and His people when he begged for it, then he went right back to doing evil… #thehumancondition. Next, I finish up my good-ol’ breakfast with Jesus time, sip on some coffee that I made much too weak (Sarah – I always think of you when I do this – you’re right – there is nothing you can do about crappy-weak coffee D:). I pop up the ol’ lappy toppy, get distracted on facebook with watching a freshly posted video of a girl I went to collage with, back in my BG days (totally awesome: she graduated, and is now a hula-hoopist in Hawaii! Check it out: Next, I scroll down to a story about this homeless guy who was randomly extended an offer to receive code-writing lessons from young, ambitious, kind kid who wanted to see how this homeless man took on the challenge to learn this incredibly valuable skill (5 1/2 minute long clip, you gotta watch: I seriously like the homeless man’s answer to how he keeps up such a positive attitude: “Faith and prayer,” he answered without hesitation, “It works, try it!” The guy’s name is Leo Grand, and the kid who invested time and effort in teaching him is Patrick McConlogue. Such an inspirational story!!!

THEN, I finally open up my blog page and start typing… after almost two months of nothing… Yay!! It’s finally happening!!

Last weekend was hubby & lil sis birthday time! We threw a fun, day-long party at the rents house with lots of food and drinks, with some ice cream cake and chocolate (naturally). All my sibs were there: older sis, lil bro, and of course the birthday girl, along with the bro-in-law, rents, and my grandparents! James and I, after a lackadaisical,  PJ-full morning, had scrambled to get ourselves out the door and to the party, but we got there, almost on time!

For the main meal (lunch + dinner: l-inner), we had some juicy pork with delightful green beans and way-too-tasty roasted redskin potatoes (I was like I’m only going to have 3, mmmok 4, maybe 5… 6, What the heck! 7,8,9…). I sat down at the end of the table, next to Mammaw, where I found myself with one of those rare opportunities to speak with her for more than just, “How is school going?” small talk. It was nice 🙂 The convo started relatively slow; she asked me about classes and the newly married life. However when I asked about her an Pappaw’s health, I guess you could say the conversation took off. Next thing I knew, it was happening. My grandmother was asking me those questions all medical students start to get from family and friends right around now: those questions that we don’t really know the answer too, but we think we know the answer to, but should really get the answer from a real doctor… Over the past few weeks, I’d been encountering similar situations,…from my older sis… my mom… I couldn’t help but think to myself, “It’s happening…” just like they said it would, it’s finally happening. And it’s kind of exciting 🙂

After the meal that left us all half-comatose (oh the postprandial somnolence!). We did presents and games. The lil sis opened her array of random gifts:

  • Trader Joe’s wares from a shopping trip with the older sis (I especially liked the guilt-free popcorn!)
  • A new book to add to her library
  • Some other things I can’t remember because it ‘
    • a) wasn’t from me
    • b) wasn’t food
  • James and I got her a fun infinity scarf and the requested iphone-exercise-arm-holder-thing (technical term) – bright pink – ho-yah!

James opened his big present: a large grey plastic thingy. tee hee hee. I informed him that this was part 1, from which he had to guess part 2 (which was really huge and I kinda didn’t want to wrap). He was a little slow in interpreting, just couldn’t understand what this big plastic thing was. So we passed the clue over to Mammaw to see if she could help him out, and sure enough she dropped a huge hint, “Is it something for a bike?” Thus after lots of laughing and teasing, he finally got it: part 2 was the bike trainer he had requested. Now, I explained to everyone…after some teasing…that I may have tried to convince him he wasn’t getting the bike trainer for his birthday (what?! I HAD to – he randomly guessed it earlier that day). This may have had something to do with him not guessing the gift. Nonetheless, we gave him a hard time for it!

It was a fabulous evening! James and I decided to slip out the door for a slog (slow-jog) when everyone decided Sequence was too slow paced and the more thrilling game of Nertz was to be next. This was our out on getting sweat up. You see, my family has a special disposition towards competitiveness which especially pervades the realm of card-games.

This was their stance when we left for our run:


Playing Nertz: start of game (some, but not all, people are already on their feet)

Playing Nertz: start of game (some, but not all, people are already on their feet)

And after (notice the increase in number of “table hover-ers”)

Climatic end of Nertz (all, but one composed brother-in-law, on feet)

Climatic end of Nertz (all, but one composed brother-in-law, on feet)

Ahhh good times. The run was nice, but slightly chilly. That was a week ago. This past weekend, on the other hand, the chilliness had all but disappeared! After what seemed like an endlessly brutal winter – much more endless and brutal than usual, it was finally a gorgeous perfect spring weekend! The weather is changing – it’s finally happening!

Tons of other things are finally happening… not only does birthday weekend mean fun and good times, but it also signifies my baby sister growing up…!?! What?? My baby sister is a tall, beautiful, grown woman! She’s outta high school-out of the house (mostly)-she’s joining a sorority-she can drink in Canada-she’s going to college-has an awesome co-op job, a whole world of new friends… And that’s not even the half of it. I remember holding her in my arms, a teeny little babe – staring in awe at her teeny little fingers – each with their own mini fingernails – there’s no way I could have imagined all that has come to pass since then-and I still can’t believe it’s finally happening!

What else? Then there is my bro – that crazy son-of-a-gun finishes that last undergrad term of his with awesome grades, a certified, bonafide company of his own, and a ticket to fly standby to Berlin for a conference for invertor people (another technical term)/innovative technologies. Thus marks the end of a nearly 5 year endeavor – I know my mom can’t believe it’s finally happening. 😉

School is backing off. Anatomy and Histology, two giants of the medical school curriculum, have fallen off my plate. I have subsequently loaded my plate back up with: worry over board exams (which start a year from now), crazy, and, yes I know this sounds crazier, but I’ve started thinking about clinical rotations/residencies. 2nd years are all about to be taking their first boards, the 4th years are all about to be graduating/heading off to residency – so I just can’t help but reflect on those things a bit. Not only that, but the hubby may be re-stationed anytime between the end of my-2nd year sometime in 3rd year (but hopefully not till 4th!). I know its stupid to worry about the future, but there comes a point for every med student when they start to think about this stuff – and for me, it’s happening…ant this one might be a bit early.

But don’t let me fool you into thinking I am stressed right now… oh no, my class-load reduction has done wonders for me, as has the change in weather. I’ve taken several random mid-week trips to Dayton to see the hubby and last week we had a birthday-date-night at the wonderful old restaurant in German Village, southern Columbus. The weather is awesome, classes are much more manageable, and summer break is on its way! I feel like it’s finally happening – a brief break, a pause in the storm, and I’m loving it.


Roof-top studying in some sunshine!

Roof-top studying in some sunshine!

2014-04-09 18.28.36

Romantic B-day dinner at Schmidt’s!

5 thoughts on “It’s Finally Happening…

  1. Monica Hetzner says:

    What an enjoyable blog. I continue to lift you, my god-daughter, up in prayer as I do all my god-children & spouses. You sound good, content, that’s a wonderful place to be. God bless you. Love you tons.

  2. Joyce Casci says:

    So if we are going to be called “rents” why aren’t mamaw and papaw called “gran-rents”?

  3. miriam says:

    Always so happy to see a new post from you even tho I may not respond….due to laziness. You and James are always in my prayers for good health, happiness and making amazing blessings! Miss you and wish you God’s love and grace!!

  4. miriam DORN says:

    just getting ready to leave for boston and I wanted to let you know you and james are welcome to spend the night here if you will be in the area that long….you know you are always welcome here anytime!

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