I Think I’m Coming Down with Something…

Lately I’ve had a very serious problem. Whenever I study a disease, I seem to have it. First it was diabetes because I felt like I had to pee every 30 minutes AND I swear I was having hypo/hyperglycemic episodes, next I had small intestine bacteria overgrowth because … well just trust me – I was definitely symptomatic! Next, I most definitely had and e. coli infection, the reason for which, I also wont go into, followed by iron-deficient anemia because I had extreme fatigue and wasn’t eating enough meat, and finally for a very short time I thought I might have mumps, because after hearing about the outbreak in Columbus (which I had just visited for the hubby b-day celebration!), I did my own research on the infectious disease, and guess what? My salivary glands started hurting (tell-tail sign for mumps!)!

Is there a diagnosis for one who over-diagnoses themself, I wonder?

School has been ok. I say ok and not great because last week was my full physical exam practical, from which I feel I am still recovering. A full physical means doing a complete physical examination on a standardized (paid, acting) patient (where you have to ask a million questions, test all the nerves, muscles, and you must do a pelvic/rectal exam – depending on the patient you get – its a surprise!). This should have been a simple enough task – we were given strait forward instructions and I practiced enough times to make it just about muscle memory but oh the anxiety was sky high! This is a very time-sensitive exam, and under the pressure to do everything from memory as well as in a short time span was largely contributing to that stress. I am so thankful right now that clinical skill exams are over with for some time now (hopefully that doesn’t mean forgetting everything I just crammed into my brain). The experience was very epinephrine and cortisol inducing!

I also have been struggling with migraines a lot this month. I had a really nasty one – exactly one week ago. It was full force and long lasting. I even took my max dosage of Relpax and it wouldn’t budge. After bearing through class, I went home, attempted a light cardio work out, took a hot shower, drank lots of water, and prayed!

Relpax x2 = maxed out!

Relpax x 2 = maxed out!

Thankfully, a couple hours after doing all that and after receiving lots of text/prayer support from James (beloved, far-away hubby) and my family, the migraine melted away – nausea and photophobia with it! Finally, I left my desk, where I had been sulking in my chair, cradling my head, moping to James on the phone, and from there I proceeded to go to the kitchen to put my new appetite to use… PRAISE the LORD!2014-04-15 18.20.12 2014-04-16 20.36.44

I made a decision recently to actually take part in a full time extracurricular activity here at my medical school. (BIG STEP FOR ME!).  Since starting medical school a couple things happened:

1. entered full-time (as in … about 85% of waking time) study mode

2. got married! X)

This changed quite a few things for me, especially because my darling husband resides (on at least 5 days/week) 2 hours away from me. Essentially I entered a commitment-o-phobic mode. I’ve since formed a habit of not attending club meetings and participation in volunteer activities has been very sparse compared to those of my undergraduate days. I have just been too busy! I hesitated to join this extracurricular because I relish my time! Its so valuable these days! I couldn’t help but feel like that much time (~4-5 hours/week) was too much to give up-especially knowing how much I like to take off to go to Dayton or just thinking about the added stresses I shall have next year with boards hanging over my head. But the extracurricular activity is an OMM (osteopathic manipulative medicine) honors elective. As a military student, I know I wont have the option to get extra practice in OMM through a fellowship, and I know I want to use this skill as a physician. The deadline passed for the application, and as soon as it did, I felt a sinking feeling of regret. I decided to sit down and email my mom a list of all the pros and cons of attempting to apply belatedly for the elective . After typing it all out, I was even more sure I wanted to do it deep down, but still needed that extra push – to which Mom gladly obliged – in her prompt email reply telling me go for it. I promptly wrote and email and personal statement to the professor and he has vocalized that I will be able to do it next year-yay!

On the way to Good Friday's service.

On the way to Good Friday’s service.

Everything is looking up: less than 6 weeks of school remain, and it’ll be summer before we know it! My toe is recovering nicely from my lil ingrown removal “surgery” (this is why you should never cut your toe nails on the sides at all!). Weather is sunny and warm!! Easter was wonderful – good times at the church, with the family, and some time for relaxing! I got my book and flashcard shopping for the summer all taken care of and have plans to take care of the military gear shopping in these next few weekends. Thanks for the comments, I miss everyone and wish for as many updates from y’all as possible!

One thought on “I Think I’m Coming Down with Something…

  1. miriam dorn says:

    i am slow in response….i must tell my podiatrist what u said…he will not agree as we discussed this already on how 2 cut toe nails…i so love 2 read words from u…doc how can i deal with painful sciatica….inflammation etc…i pray your headaches will relax after u and james r able 2 b together FULL TIME!!!! love and miss u God bless!!!!

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