Been a While!

Well it’s been a terribly long long long time since my last post! Now that I’ve flown half way across the country to the wonderfully tropical land of Florida and it’s only about 2 a.m. according to my circadian clock (only 1 a.m. according to this Florida clock, here), I’ve finally decided to write! So very much has happened since my last post! First of all, I am here in the tropical land of Florida in celebration of my dear friend, Sarah and her wonderful Stephen’s wedding! It’s going to be a glorious gathering, tonight was the splendiferous night of the reuniting of the trio – Amanda, Sarah, and I, along with some other very dear friends, which has been long awaited, this time since last January.


blurred pic of the reuniting last night at the air port (from left – Wendy, Amanda, me!)

The three of us have been the best of friends since high school, then went our separate ways when we had to graduate and go to college, but have always made it back together for reunions as often as possible, even when that means going to West Africa to see Amanda when it had been over a year of separation! Anyway, this was cause for much excitement and thus I am unable to sleep! Sarah and Amanda reunited a couple nights ago when Amanda arrived via car, and they are both pooped and feel compelled to rest it up for the night (ridiculous)… I guess we must be getting old!

from our visit to South Africa, our welcoming from the village

from our visit to South Africa, our welcoming from the village

The next thing that has happened is I finished second year (YAY!) of medical school and passed step 1 (USMLE) & level 1 (COMLEX) boards (YAYAYAY!!!) with semi-decent average & above average scores (respectively)! This was a HUGE relief to me this summer! Much stress had been built up over these exams and even more so over the process of non-stop studying for them over the course of 3 ½ weeks all by myself cooped up in my apartment, just wishing to escape with what little sanity I had left! I am so thankful to James, my rock who kept that little ray of optimism and calm-mindedness in my life, who knows what mess I’d be in if not for him!


Soon following (just two nights after finishing my second and final exam for the year), a tiny little 6lb 13oz miracle came into my life – the cutest most happy and adorable little baby boy was born – my nephew, Daniel Jakob! I got to be there when he shot out into the world swift as a canon, and I was there when the docs plopped him up onto mamma’s chest and Joseph, the daddy, pronounce him to be in fact a boy (they had decided to wait to find out what they were having)!!! It was so precious and wonderful! It was my second time witnessing a baby’s birth and just like the first time, I couldn’t help the tears that welled up in my eyes and the ball that caught in my throat, it was just too awesome to even explain, watching this baby (my own sister’s baby!) enter the world for the very first time and breathe his very first breath of air! It was overwhelming and beautiful…


Which brings me to my final new happening – James and I are having a baby! In just 6 weeks I am due to deliver! It’s going to be a boy too, and I just can’t wait!!!! We found out at some point near the end of March, and held in the secrete for as long as we could – I think it was about 7 weeks when we finally let it out to our parents. Mom and Dad had just gotten back from a grand European tour and we proposed a small sketti dinner in honor of their arrival. Of course, having just gotten back from Europe, Dad popped open a bottle of wine and poured glasses for everyone. We prayed over the meal and then we raised our glasses for a toast, after which I chimed, “So, I can’t drink any of this wine….” And the look on mom’s face was priceless! Her and dad jumped up and hugged us, informing us that we were crazy and that they were so happy! We had a similar reaction from Anne and Joseph, and we told James’ family, as well as Mary and John over facetime, they were all so happy for us! I had a long walk, talk, and snack date with Sarah when I revealed my news to her – she was in such shock, I thought she might need to sit down! We had been looking at bridesmaids dresses when I informed her that I was going to need a dress with lots of room and being the quick creative thinker she is, she remarked, “why, are you going to be pregnant?” to which I replied, “Yes, I’m going to be about 7 ½ months along.” I think it was a little bit of a reality check for her and I both – we are getting older and like many high school besties, have always hung on to the belief that we will never grow up. Though we are both 26 now (25 at that moment in time), and it’s true, the biological clock is part of wanting to have kids, my philosophy is that we are allowed to grow old, but never to grow up! Having a baby is yet another adventure and I welcome it with the full expectation that though it will bring more responsibility and work in my life, it will also, as all good adventures should, bring so much fun and joy! Even just being pregnant has been a wonderful adventure, the first trimester was a grievous trial, I admit to that: I was both trying to study for boards and survive the endless gut wrenching nausea… but so far second and third have been awesome – I get to feel baby moving all the time, and carry him with me everywhere I go, it’s been such a blessing, and the time has flown by so remarkably fast!


Moving right along, life also brought to us another one of God’s great miracles – a wedding and a new niece! We traveled to Washington this summer to partake in the festivities of James’ baby sister, Michelle, and Jerry’s wedding, where we not only danced the night away but played the part of MC/DJ which I have to say we pulled off rather well!

the marvelous DJs!

the marvelous DJs!


While in Washington we also met our new niece, Bridget, who was born just 2 ½ weeks after little Daniel, and is also a most adorable little darling, looks so much like her mom, Melissa!

My sister-in-law nieces!!!

My sister-in-law and nieces!!!

We had a wonderful vacation out West: got to explore wild Alaska for almost a week,


Exit Glacier in Seward, AK

visit my middle school buddy (who is also prego, and just 2 ½ weeks ahead of me!),


catch up with James’ family, celebrate with wedding (and manya birthday) festivities, and do some Northwest traveling with my parents and little sister who came up for a week, what a blessed time that was!


Following the vacation, I began my third year of medical school! This is the year I spend doing clinical rotations at my core site (which is miraculously Dayton, so I can actually now live with my husband and in the same town as my parents/older sister!).

new apartment! (notice the stairs, my favorite feature!

new apartment! (notice the stairs, my favorite feature!)

During this year I must get all of my foundational rotations done (family med, internal med, psych, obgyn, surgery, pediatrics…) and at the end of this year (like the end of last year) I get to do another round of board exams (NOOOO!!!!). But step 2/level 2 I hear is a lot easier… here’s hoping! At the end of each rotation (which is 1-4 weeks long, usually 4 weeks long), I have an extensive 2-hour test. It’s been so crazy different, and what makes it especially unusual, but so far I’ve kinda liked, is how much my schedule can change from month to month. My first month was internal medicine, and my oh my the days were long, but not outrageous… usually 10 hour days, some less some more, a couple 12s… but wonderfully never beginning before 7am. Next was family medicine during which I had many days off (holidays or just due to lack of patients at the office), and the doctor’s policy was always for me to take a seat in his office (as opposed to standing for endless hours as we go from patient to patient – this saved my back immensely!). I got to see tons of children during this rotation, and had the sweetest preceptor, Dr. Swope (below).


Next, I was on anesthesiology for 1 week, a super brief rotation with a ton of standing and some earlier mornings…it was here that I was able to first intubate living people, which was exciting for me, and I got a small taste of what surgery will be like. Finally, for the past 3 weeks, (up until today…) I have been on cardiology. Both anesthesiology and cardiology are elective rotations, thus I did not have any exams at the end of these specialties, which has been very nice. Next month, I am supposed to be at the VA for Psychiatrics … I am very curious to see how this one will go…


Well it is now 3 a.m. my time… which means it is definitely time for bed! I’m not the only one awake though baby is doing some kind of flutter-type karate kick inside of me! I call him my little ninja – must be a nocturnal little guy!


Mayhaps the next time that I post, I shall have some more photos of our little baby –out and about in the world!


2 thoughts on “Been a While!

  1. Congrats on passing Step1! It’s been nearly a decade since I took mine (good GRACIOUS I’m old!) but my exhilaration at passing was only matched by that of, well, The Match. (And the nonprofessional, personal bits like marriage and remission 😉 ). All best wishes with more med-ed madness – and baby! ♡

  2. miriam roth dorn says:

    I cannot believe I have not “talked” to you sooner. I am getting so excited for baby to come!!!! I have done great after my surgery,no pain at all thanks to a drug called exparel. I had an awesome doctor. I drove 2weeks after surgery. I took the south shore train to Chicago as the weather was beautiful. Jeff got a golden retriever so I go play with her a lot. Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a happy healthy New year. It will be so special when that little boy arrives. Miss and love you!! Miriam Roth dorn

    Pansy Pantaloons wrote: > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ freckledfacefriend posted: “Well it’s been a terribly long long long time since my last post! Now that I’ve flown half way across the country to the wonderfully tropical land of Florida and it’s only about 2 a.m. according to my circadian clock (only 1 a.m. according to this Florida”

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