Nights Are Awesome!

I’m surprised to find myself saying this but I’m actually in love with the night-shift inpatient rotation so far! Granted, it’s been very very slow on the ward (things you’re not allowed to say out loud but I don’t believe in that vudo shenanigans) and after that first night, which was much more busy and crazy, things have been pretty much going at just the right pace for me to keep up and have a little extra time to do some reading on the side. Tonight’s topic was gastric outlet obstruction since I got to experience that diagnosis for the first time tonight! Which was pretty neat, …though of course not for the patient… praying for them!
Getting to and from work on nights takes about half as much time, that alone is a huge relief. I hate traffic with a vengeance! 

And I get to stop and notice the beauty around me a little more as I’m not so consumed with the sweltering heat and insanely crushingly long lines of cars and stop and go traffic! Also the weather has been fantastic in the morning drive homes – been rolling down the windows, taking in the fresh air. 
Course I do miss my Andy man… he gave me the oh so sweet present of his attention and joy when I awoke and emerged from my hybernation yesterday afternoon, greeting me with a huge smile and jumping down from his chair to hug me and the preceded  to sit on my lap and smile up at me. The little sucker! 

I miss him and the hubby loads and the in-laws- whom I am barely getting to see while they visit… yes these are the down sides. 

But I am mostly struck by how pleasant it’s been… I suppose I waisted so much dread over it, only to find it’s not so bad when the nights not busy! You get to run around the hospital, not confined to one little space or area, pretty much do completely random and new and interesting things all night! I so feared not knowing things and being ridiculed for it, I was totally wrong to fear that because the peeps I’m working with are so awesome about giving you pointers and help figuring out how to manage the ward! So I feel very blessed… and hope that this post may put to rest fears in new intern to be’s in the future or interns about to start on nights!


One thought on “Nights Are Awesome!

  1. Elizabeth Bier says:

    We miss seeing you, but I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying nights!

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