About the Site

Hey! Just started this…so hang on a sec…


A little bit about the site and its creation: I grew up always having at least two best friends at a time. In addition, I had two sisters, plus one brother. That said, I’ve always been a tiny bit of a drama queen. Back in the day, one of my favorite pastimes was drafting up theatrical productions for my group of friends and siblings, of which, about 2 outta 7 were successfully put into action…of some sort.

fam2 001

Throughout my life, I’ve kept record of nearly every self-proclaimed creative thought. The bedroom which I currently call mine is a mess with all of the towering piles of journals, diaries, letters, DVDs, and scrap books I’ve accumulated over the 23 short years of my life.  In recent review of my stashes, I can see I kept everything. From the copies of my letters and sketches to and from pen pals to random napkins with my scribbles of my future tree-house home in the rain forests of Africa. I have about a hundred old drawings and letters about fantasy lands of magical flying Pegasuses and over-sized canines which I conjured with my best friend from infancy, Heather.

pegasus 001heather2 001tahoonas 001

I have a binder or two full of my correspondences with my dear friend from church, Dorothy, about gardening and my favorite books like Anne of Green Gables. There are entire notebooks which I dedicated to the sometimes slightly exaggerated comical accounts of adventures with a friend or group of friends, mostly my two best friends, Amanda and Sarah.

IMG_0667a copy

Two years ago, I carefully documented a novel’s worth of accounts of my European travel experiences during my study abroad term in Konstanz, Germany.


Not long after returning to the States, I found myself putting most of my writing zest into long emails to my now fiance, James, whose charming photo is above.


The combination of reminiscing and an acquaintance with my dear friend, Stacy’s Flying Solo Europe Trip blog, (girl that I graduated with) inspired me to start-up a website of my very own in which I hope to post my ridiculous ramblings! After all, it’s about time I started a new outlet for creative record keeping…


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