Fanciful Flight, A Diary from my 2011 European Adventure

The following are excerpts of my European Trip’s Adventures, I wanted to finally embalm the great document which I had compiled during my travels into a more presentable form that I can easily share with travelers and friends alike. Though many of my family and close friends have already seen them, as I sent them as little updates during my travels, I was hesitant to publish this very intimate account of a past time that included my once very close ex-boyfriend, which does lace these events with a few bittersweet notes. However, I so value these writings because of the treasures I uncovered throughout my Europe tour, and despite the messy break up that occurred during these trips, such happy memories were made that still make me smile to this day! Besides all that, I can put to rest any concerns by informing you that this break up was ultimately a blessing in disguise, as I am now in a very happy marriage, and all is forgiven in regards to my sinful past, as we live in the love and forgiveness of Christ! And thus I would like to share:

Insane in Spain!

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