Travel Tips

I couldn’t help at the end of my travels but to make note of some quirky moments and thoughts overall:

Useful Europe Travel Tips:

  1. Keep a spoon on you at all times: you never know when a fresh half a melon or cup of yogurt might come your way.
  2. There is no need to lug around more than one adapter. True, it would suck if you happen to have the wrong one, but I’ve been in Germany, Greece, France, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, and Italy: they all use the same one! (This excludes the UK)
  3. Explore, dwell, and meditate on all possible meanings of the phrase, “pack light.”


List of unconventional but interesting activities for the train:

  1. Snorted loudly while laughing on a quiet, rather high-class reservation train from Pari to Strasbourg.
  2. Shaved my legs and pits on the train to Milano.
  3. Scrubbed my feet.
  4. Plucked my eyebrows-a more precarious activity than first conceived, though not impossible.
  5. Clipped my toenails.
  6. Got caught with my pants down in the bathroom by my neighboring half-drunken male train passenger and gawked at by the innocent but curious by-standing 5-year-old after said male passenger cracked open the stubbornly automatic door that not only doesn’t close after cracking, but proceeds to role completely open leaving the method to then resume the closed position rather obscure particularly in a panic-stricken state of mind.
  7. Found Stacy’s cell phone.
  8. Watching a pair of old ladies babel happily at first towards each other but increasingly towards Stace, Andy, Ben, and I, in a stream of indecipherable French, building to a grand crescendo as they took their leave of the car, one sweeping a kissed hand across Ben’s forehead before her departure. Just nod and smile.