Pansy … Pantaloons?!?!

Welcome to Pansy Pantaloons! As my first post, I’d like to explain my site title. Pansy Pantaloons: I not only choose this wordology based on the beauty of the alliteration, but because I actually own a pair of pants that have a pansy pattern! WHAT are the ODDS? Ok, so florals are definitely coming into style these days (for pantaloons in particular), but I especially appreciate these pants and their pansy pattern because of the story behind them. I got these pants in July, 2011, at the tail end of my Europe tour which took place in the nation of Spain. I had been in search of these floaty-type pants which I had seen sported by many of the young European ladies throughout my study abroad stay (it was somewhat of an Aladdin-styled pant). They looked so stylish and yet casual and sooo comfortable! I wanted them! The problem was that I couldn’t ever find a pair that fulfilled both my budget and floral pattern requisites. It was in this, the very final city that I found the perfect pair of pantaloons, and the city was Pamplona!

Honestly, I never saw the flowers on those pants as “pansies,” specifically. However, it happened to be the festival of the running of the bulls in those two days I spent with my school friends in Pamplona. For those who are not acquainted with this festival, it’s an event which not only brings pantaloon venders to the streets to sell there wares, but gathers hundreds of Spaniards and tourists alike. There is music, dancing, and fireworks every single day of the festival, and a lot of sangria and a lot of drinking. Attendees of the festival face the daunting and, to many critics, the idiotic task of running through the streets from an angry herd of Toros, sharp-horned bulls. This event is one which inevitably begs every man and woman in attendance, to call into question the degree their own bravery and valor. Every ounce of logic in my being demanded I sit the event out and simply watch it go by, but I couldn’t do it. I was there, and I was going to participate! So that day in Pamplona, Spain, I finally bought my pansy pants, but I also decided I was not going to be a pansy!

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